Fair Rules & Regulations




  1. Every article to be entered for the competition must be the property of the person whose name is on the entry ticket.
  2. Exhibitors must pick up their exhibits between 4:30pm and 7:00pm on Monday, September 18, 2024. NO EARLIER! Exhibits not picked up by 7:00pm will NOT be the responsibility of the Home Craft Committee.
  3. Every person not necessarily required in the judging area must withdraw while the judges are officiating.
  4. No person shall be the judge of their own property nor be allowed to exhibit and judge in the same class.
  5. Persons interfering with the judges shall forfeit the right to any prizes to which they may be otherwise entitled.
  6. Only one entry shall be allowed to an exhibitor in one section of the arena classes.
  7. In addition to the stated prizes offered in the listed categories, judges may award additional prizes they consider worthy and the directors shall determine the prize. Judges shall have the power to grant or withhold any prizes in case of inferiority in any class.
  8. Although directors will take responsible precautions to ensure the safety of articles exhibited, they wish it to be distinctly understood that the owners must take the risk of exhibiting them and should any articles be lost or stolen the directors will give every assistance in their power towards recovery of the same but will not make any payment of value thereof.
  9. The animals or articles to which prizes are awarded shall be distinguished by attaching stickers or ribbons to the respective animals or articles.
  10. The decision of the judges shall be final as to the awarding of prizes. No appeal shall be considered except in the case of a protest. All protests shall be made in writing and delivered to the fair office on the grounds within 1 day after the judge made the award. Any exhibitor making such protest will be required to deposit with the Secretary, along with the protest a sum of $20 to cover costs and if said is not sustained, the said among protest will be retained by the WAS. The President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Director in charge of the department shall be a standing committee to hear and decided all protests.
  11. The WAS will withhold 10% of prize money received from cattle, sheep, heavy and light horse winnings. There will be no prize money withheld from entries in the-junior Home Craft division and 4-H. For all other arena exhibitors, any prize money received over $10 will have 10% withheld to cover administration costs.
  12. In the case of bad or unfavorable weather or other reasons causing the receipts to fall short of paying the expenses and all prizes in full after paying the expenses, a proportionate amount, exclusive of membership will be deducted from such prizes to enable the Directors to balance the accounts without loss. The Directors feel that this course is the most equitable and fair one that can be adopted, as any deduction will fall proportionately on all those participating in the amounts collected and not leave the whole sum to be a debt to bear heavily on the WAS and thus impair its usefulness.
  13. While the Directors of the WAS will use every available means to prevent accidents in and or about the grounds, it must be distinctly understood that all persons going on to or upon the show grounds must personally assume all risk of accidents or injury from an cause whatsoever.
  14. The WAS recommends that all exhibitors and competitors maintain a minimum liability of $1 million insurance.
  15. Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs on fair grounds.
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