New Hamburg Fall Fair

draft horse pull

Thursday, September 13th

7:00pm @ the Grandstand

Director: Ben Broughton 1-226–339–5191

Committee: Libby Peters 519–684–7090

  • Open to heavy and light pairs.
  • In case of show cancellations due to inclement weather, no premium or compensation will be paid.
  • All exhibitors must pay admission at the gate.
  • Sanctioned CCHPA.
  • The decision of the judge and /or fair board is final. Failure to comply with judge and/or board will result in the immediate disqualification of the contestant and no prize money will be issued.
  • Teams will be allowed three tries to pull the load 15 feet.
  • Any forward movement of the boat will be counted as a draw.
  • There will be no pass up of draws.
  • Each teamster will be allowed only two minutes to hook and four minutes to complete a pull.
  • Teamsters may be disqualified for slashing the lines, whipping, use of profanity or for arguing with the judges or officials.
  • If any team becomes unmanageable or dangerous to the public the judges may disqualify the team and order it removed from the pulling area.
  • Horses or driver may be disqualified by the judge at any time. Fans are appreciated and encouraged to cheer!

Prize Money: $250/$200/$180/$150/$120
$100 for all other teams entered/Furthest from home (per class) $100/Best presented team (per class) $50