New Hamburg Fall Fair

Welcome to the fair!! Our group of incredible volunteers is so excited to

present to you the 2019 New Hamburg Fall Fair. This year our theme is

“Plant It, Grow It, Show It” focusing on the entire process that is involved in

preparing something to exhibit at your typical fall fair. I hope that many of

you have taken time this summer to plant seeds, watch them grow and then

enter those fruits of your labour in our fair competition! It’s a fun process

for both young and old and one that is rewarding.

Along with this theme, I speak on behalf of our organization in saying that we

take pride in planting in our own community. We want to plant the investment

of time and talents to help the people of our community grow and flourish.

We hope that helping with, participating in or visiting the fall fair will positively

impact the lives of each person. We trust that the small effect we have on lives

will result in our community remaining strong, healthy and growing; that our

impact will ‘show’ up tomorrow and for years to come.

I am excited for the 2019 fall fair – we are bringing back many of the traditional fall fair favourites and adding in a few new and exciting events too. There truly is something for everyone and we cannot wait to host you and your family!!

Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to each and every person who in some way, shape or form have helped make our fall fair possible. Sponsors, volunteers, partners – we couldn’t do it without you.

See you at the fair!!!

Stephanie Szusz

president's message