New Hamburg Fall Fair

Saturday September 14th, 2019

Show begins at 8am, Infield

Director: Lorraine Price, mollysmummy@gmail.com / 226-972-6207
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Entry Fees

Beginner / Lead-line - $5/class

Best Turnout $0

All other divisions $15/class
Enter a complete division SAVE $5
***N.B. All who enter the Fairgrounds are required to pay gate admission

***No admin / office or medic fee!!!

Prize Information
 Ribbons to 8th place
 Medals to 3rd place in Equitation classes
 Clear Round Jumper – GO CLEAR for a snazzy ribbon
 Fun prizes awarded in Beginner / Lead-line Classes
 Grand and Reserve Champion prizes for every division.
Prize money awarded: Hunter / Jumper / Hack / Standardbred / Western - $25/$20/$15/$10/$5
Prize for overall highest point earning Standardbred

Other Considerations / Show Rules
 Medical Assistance will be in attendance.
 Individual class descriptions and rules will be available at the show or in advance by request.
 It is highly recommended that all riders have OEF membership or proof of other insurance.
 All horse show entrants will be required to complete & sign an entry form & disclaimer.
Keep it fair.
 Riders in the Lead- Line class or beginner division may not cross enter into any other division.
Novice Divisions are restricted to riders in their first 2 years of showing; having never shown at an EC recognized
show. Riders in Novice Divisions may cross enter into the Hack / Standardbred / Western Divisions only.
Novice / Green jumper is restricted to riders or horses within their first 2 years of showing jumper; having never
shown at an EC recognized show. Same Horse / Rider combinations may not cross enter into other non Novice
Divisions except the Hack.
All other divisions are open to all unless noted.
 Proper riding wear including, SEI or ATSM approved helmet with a permanently affixed harness MUST be worn by all
riders under 18 years of age, ALL English riders and is highly recommended for Western riders over the age of 18.
Proper footwear is mandatory for all riders when mounted and show attire is recommended & preferred by the judges.
 All judges’ decisions are final.
 Fence heights may be altered / reduced at judge’s discretion based on ground conditions or participant feedback.
 No refunds after the start of a division, entries cannot be made after a division has begun.
 Minimum of 5 riders per class or class may be cancelled.
 While every precaution is taken, neither the Wilmot Agricultural Society nor Officials are responsible for any loss,
damage or injury to property, animals or persons. The Wilmot Agricultural Society or judge(s) may cancel the show
due to unforeseen circumstances or wet weather conditions and notice will be given where permitted. Please call
show director if unsure about weather, check the FB page listed above for updates, or e-mail the director to be added
to the list for any rain cancellations.
 Please refer to general rules in program book / show office.


Got a green horse, want to expose your horse to the fairgrounds prior to the show, want to have fun with friends?
Come on out & join us for our schooling night!

School the hunter or jumper ring for $25/hour – full courses will be set up.
Timeslots available 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, max of 4 riders per hour per ring.
Contact Lorraine for further details or to discuss exclusive use of a timeslot for your barn.

N.B. Warm-Up Ring with jump(s) available throughout the day.

RING #1 – 8:00 am warm-up, 8:30 am start

NEW HUNTER JUMPS for 2019!!!

Lead-line Class - (Riders Restricted to this class, 11yrs & under)
1. Walk / Trot (dependent on child) – Judge may ask child a few simple questions

Beginner Equitation Division - (Riders limited to this division)
2. Best turned out (to be judged within division, will not run as a separate class)
3. Walk / Trot
4. Walk / Trot / Canter
5. Cavaletti

Novice Hunter Division
6. Hunter over fences (max 2’)
7. Hunter over fences (max 2’3)
8. Hunter under saddle
Novice Equitation Division
9. Equitation on the flat
10. Equitation over fences (max 2’3)
Fossil Division (Riders 21yrs+)
11. Hunter over fences (max 2’3)
12. Hunter
13. Hunter under saddle

Open Hunter Division
14. Hunter over fences (max 2’6)
15. Handy Hunter over fences (max 2’9)
16. Hunter under saddle

Open Equitation Division
17. Equitation on the flat
18. Equitation over fences (2’6/2’9 you choose)

RING #2– 8:30 am warm-up, 9:00 am start

NEW Standardbred Division
Class 24 & 25 to be held in the heavy horse ring after 1pm

19. Walk/Trot beginner 10 & under (English or Western)
20. English Halter
21. Open English Pleasure - Walk, Trot/Pace
22. Open English Equitation - Walk, Trot/Pace
23. Open English Pleasure – Walk, Trot/Pace, Canter
24. Pleasure Driving – working
25. Pleasure Driving – cones

Hack Division
26. Show Hack
27. Road Hack
28. Pleasure hack

Clear Round Jumper – go clear get a ribbon
29. ‘Have a Go’ Clear Round Jumper (max 2’3)
Novice/Green Jumper Division
30. Table A, Immediate Jump off (max 2’3)
31. Table A, immediate Jump off (max 2’6)
Open Jumper Division
32. Table A, immediate jump off (max 2’9)
33. Table A, Immediate jump off (max 3’)

Western - Not to start before 2pm
34. Western Pleasure
35. Western Horsemanship
36. Command
37. Trail

hunter / jumper and western horse show