New Hamburg Fall Fair

Sunday September 15th @ 9:00am in the Arena

Join is for our annual church service in the arena!  Light refreshments included.

Pastor Jason Erb will be conducting the service, with music from The Torchmen.

About Jason Erb

Jason Erb lives in Baden with his wife, Rhonda and his three daughters.  Jason has volunteered in the community since the late 90's and presently works as a youth worker with Youth Unlimited at Waterloo Oxford.  Jason's primary passion is to encourage and support all with a primary focus on young people.  

About The Torchmen

Southern Ontario is home to one of Canada’s best-loved

male quartets, the Torchmen. Known for their strong four-part

harmony, country-flavoured melodies and gospel lyrics, these

men have sung their way into hearts for over 50 years.

The Torchmen are Grammy nominees, Canadian Gospel Music

Association award winners, and have sung on stages from the

Grand Old Opry to the Air Canada Center. Each weekend finds

them on the road yet again, putting on more miles as they sing

across the country for the Lord.

The Torchmen have enjoyed the trip so far and show no signs

of stopping. Each year they are a part of major Southern Gospel

Music programs, such as the National Quartet Convention in

The States. The group also enjoys traveling to smaller towns

and churches all across Canada and the United States where

loyal fans will pack sanctuaries and auditoriums to hear their


Mike Moran, baritone and Torchmen spokesman, does much of the emcee work for the quartet. Sandy MacGregor’s pure classic tenor voice adds to the traditional Southern Gospel sound. Jeff Tritton adds his smooth lead vocals and energy on stage. Jon Hisey sings a strong bass part and is also the groups’ sound technician. Together this groups’ close harmony will keep you inspired.

When the Torchmen take the stage the audience is soon reminded of all the good things in life. With a mix of hand-clapping tunes and thoughtful ballads, The Torchmen quickly have their listeners laughing and even shedding a tear with their music, banter and stories. The quartet is not content to tickle ears; their purpose is to touch souls with the ageless message of Christ. The Torchmen also offer a complete Christmas package with lights sound and music.

The Torchmen want to see people drawn to the Lord. “We feel very strongly that our ministry of Southern Gospel Music is to use entertainment combined with the message of the gospel to break down walls and draw people closer to Christ. God has allowed us to take His message in song to many places that the spoken word would not have reached and into many places that may not have heard this kind of presentation before. If you asked the guys I think they would say with me that “we feel this is where God wants us to be.”

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