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On behalf of the Wilmot Agricultural Society, it is my privilege and honour to welcome you to the 161st New Hamburg Fall Fair. I would like to thank the members of the Executive and Board of Directors for

their year-long commitment. I would also like to thank our sponsors and volunteers for all their time and funding throughout the year, without your support we would not be able to do what we do. As you walk around our fair grounds this year make time to visit our Home Craft exhibits, showcasing our local talent.

This year, we are Celebrating 100 Years of 4-H in Ontario.

Though it may seem obvious, 4-H extends far beyond the fair. It extends past the club meetings, past the projects, and past the hours of work. The values taught by 4-H impact each and every one of us every day. Whether it is putting in a little extra effort around the barn, being active in your community, or applying knowledge gained in 4-H at school or in the workplace, 4-H helps us all grow and teaches us important lessons. One of those lessons is to work together to achieve a common goal.

As you walk around the fairgrounds, you will see children and adults of all ages working together. The ability to work in a group, overcome

adversity, and work cohesively are all invaluable qualities, and ones that we learn from 4-H. Throughout the weekend take time to look at all the displays, get up close to the show calves and stop to talk to 4-H members as this is a special weekend for most of them. It’s their time to shine and show what they have accomplished in their clubs this year. The members have put a lot of effort into these projects and they are more than willing to talk to you about them.

We look forward to seeing you all at the fair!

presidentBen Broughton,

Welcome to the Home Craft Division!

Our theme this year is, “Celebrating 100 years of 4-H in Ontario,” and as a former 4-H member and current 4-H leader, we know that 4-H plays a big part with the youth in our area! We are looking forward to seeing all the Green and White entries, in the different categories this year in honor of 4-H.

As Co-Presidents of the Home Craft division, we extend a special invitation for everyone, to drop into the arena and see the hard work our exhibitors have put into their entries.

Many thanks go out to our dedicated volunteers, who devote their time to help make our fair such a wonderful success.

See you all in September!

director1 director2

Sheryl Crabbe and Glenda Rutherford

Home Craft Presidents

New Hamburg Fall Fair Ambassador 2014-2015

Hello! My name is Colleen Danner and I have had the privilege and honour of being the 2014-2015 Ambassador of the Wilmot Agricultural Society. Being ambassador was a wonderful experience that taught me about the importance of community involvement, sustaining agriculture, and

networking within your community. Thank you to everyone in the Wilmot Agricultural Society, the Ambassador Committee, my sponsor the New Hamburg Lioness Club, and all the great people who I have met along the way. I am grateful for your mentorship, support and friendship.

My experience as ambassador allowed me to grow as an individual. I attended monthly board meetings, parades, and the Annual General Meeting with the Wilmot Agricultural Society. I travelled to Arthur where I met all the ambassadors from District 7, and stayed at The Royal York Hotel in Toronto for the OAAS Convention. All these are experiences

I will cherish forever. I am looking forward to competing at the CNE, and helping with the upcoming Ambassador program! It’s been a pleasure being ambassador since agriculture has always been a big part of my life. I was born and raised on a farm in New Hamburg and ever since I can remember I have come to the Fall Fair each year. I love all the memories I have from the derbies, midway, and of course the food! I plan on staying connected with the Wilmot Agricultural Society, and believe that it is important that younger members

in the community start becoming involved. This will allow the Fall Fair to stay within our community, and allow future generations to experience agriculture as we did! This has been an unforgettable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

See you at the fair!

Colleen Danner,

2014-2015 Ambassador